Friday, February 23, 2024

2/23/24 - New releases from PUBLIC ACID, CANAL IRREAL and SEXPILL OUT NOW!!


WAAAZZZAAAAAAAAp? They're here, they're finally here! Shit, man.


Amidst a seemingly endless onslaught of bands, labels, and other opportunistic clowns vying for commercial gain via subcultural cannibalism, it can be easy to lose sight of what drew us to punk in the first place. But despite the deluge of bullshit, we know that occasional nuggets of ugly and raw authenticity will claw their way to the surface for the hardcore punk faithful. And folks, we have just such a nugget in Deadly Struggle: 8 tracks of pummeling aural turbulence on a 12" slab for those who desire reality over cosplay. Building off the shockwaves of 2020’s Condemnation, Public Acid’s sound—a skewed, arty amalgamation of bludgeoning hardcore, frantic, riff- soaked d-beat, harsh noise, and underground metal—has only grown more focused and furious. There’s the virtuosic rhythm section, possessing an inhuman combination of lightness of touch and neanderthal power; the blinding, riffs-inside-of-riffs guitar style; the density of sound, massively heavy and pock-marked with kaleidoscopic fuzz; the maniacal vocals, inventive in both their technique and their rhythmic cadences; and, of course, the deadly mid-paced parts. Deadly Struggle reminds us that while hardcore punk will never die, those who cheapen it absolutely will.

Recorded by Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio in NYC and mastered by Arthur Rizk for maximum impact, each record comes in a screen printed jacket with cover art by Thomas Sara immersed in a hypnotic layout by Matt Martin, plus a large fold out poster designed by Tower Kevin.

There are 250 copies on BLOOD RED vinyl for mailorder while they last.
EU / UK FOLKS! Static Shock (UK) and Sounds of Subterrania (Germany) will have an exclusive GREEN VINYL version of this record limited to 250 copies. As of writing this email they are still in transit, so please be patient and snag it from these fine folks when the time comes so you can save on shipping.


"What you hold in your hands is not exactly for you. It is not a delight for your senses, nor sonic inspiration for transgressing your restraints. It is not your empowerment tool. It is manifestly theirs— a portal to their arena of power, powerlessness, joy, hate, anger, fear, and failure. None of it is yours. Still, can you plug in, tune in, lock in to their dial? Are you capable of not giving in to escape and instead absorbing it? Are you capable of asking for more? You want the channel? Here it goes: the channel is walk into the dark and dance. Bop and beg. Lean and laugh. Stare and stomp. Afterwards, go ahead and yell “I failed!” Ride along to the signal-notes that ring like sirens across the city warning you that an odorless noxious gas has just been released into the air. But don’t run. Instead, lean into the pulse. The channel is bop your head, bounce your ass, sing, wade, stomp, and scream.

Canal Irreal has rescinded and revoked your access to the splendid metropolis. The channel is fuck you. The channel is don’t ask them about Chicago, you don’t know it. The channel is don’t ask them about the fish; the Lake has consumed them all. Walk toward the darkness. Listen to the whispers and less to the wind. Lift your arms up to the melodic swings. Bounce your feet to the snap of the snare and flow of the bass. But don’t lose yourself—lock in. Are you capable of asking for more? Find the canal, or be clicked out by the clicker. Hold on to the wavelength or go back to normie-land. Canal Irreal is not hard or dark, it’s a portal to the personal, to desperation and exasperation. Go ahead and scream: “Doy todo y mucho mas.” This channel is not for your liberation. But do please tune in. What channel are you on now? Canal de mierda. Canal de chingado. Canal de sobrevivir. Canal Irreal. Bienvenidos." -Mike Amezcua

Each copy of "Someone Else's Dance" is housed in a stunning jacket along with an 8 page zine, both of which were designed by singer Martin Sorrondeguy.

There are 150 copies on TRANSLUCENT RED vinyl for mailorder while they last.


There's something to be said about the great state/nation/planet of Texas and it's ability to seemingly ooze vicious hardcore punk from the cracks of the land mass it claims. After a series of demos and storied live performances home and elsewhere over the course of nearly a decade, SEXPILL gives us "IN DUST WE TRUST" - the band's first venture onto the 12" format. Each slab harnesses twelve tracks of belligerent and noisy hardcore punk, capturing Houston's finest at their most maniacal to date, featuring brand new tracks flanked by some reimagined fan favorites from the earlier mentioned demo days. IN DUST WE TRUST. IN DUST WE MUST.

There are 150 copies on OPAQUE RED vinyl for mailorder while they last.

As always, you can buy here and buy / listen / download here.

It's also worth noting I came across a few hidden copies of the CONDOR 12" - will I get them up in the webstore by the time this email goes out? TIME WILL TELL!!!

Gonna keep it brief - hey FANX! Expect slabs come spring from the likes of INVERTEBRATES, PEACE DECAY, VIDRO, DISARM (VB) and more to come. 


Monday, January 15, 2024

1/15/24 - HACKER - PSY WiFi EP OUT NOW!

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Excited to kick off another busy year with this Australian hardcore punk butt kicker of a slab. Read on for more info...

"Melbourne, Australia’s most feared hardcore cyber-vandal cell returns to wreak havoc on your network and your dance floors with the four-track “Psy Wi-Fi” EP. Following up the tightly-wound attack as heard on 2021’s “Pick A Path” 12”, Hacker have defragged the hardware and blown the dust out, striking again with more slightly more expansive songwriting. “Psy Wi-Fi” marks the welcome addition of a pinch more metal in the guitars and a fistful more pummel in the breakdowns to their established blueprint of direct, charging hardcore riffs, a rhythm section that is as agile as it is powerful, and one of the most expressive, capable and rabid vocalists in punk today. Update your firewall all you want, Hacker is coming. Expect them. (Neil Bramley)"

There are 100 copies on GREY VINYL for mailorder while they last and only about half of those are in the continental USA so get on that if ya like records that look like the NES.

As always, you can give err a spin / buy here and buy here.

AUSTRALIANS (or other folks that live in places where it's cheaper to get shit from Australia) - please order this title from Kyle at HELTA SKELTA RECORDS

It's also worth mentioning that I have a few copies of the debut 12" compliments of Yeap at Hardcore Victim Records! THANK YOU KING! Up in the Big Cartel for y'all that missed out when it dropped a few years back.

And in other distro news, got some copies of the latest QUARANTINE LP! WOW!

Ehhh besides that, just chilling, man. Hope the new year is treating y'all right! Next month we got three (3) LP's dropping so keep your eyes peeled for more on that. Be well!


Tuesday, October 3, 2023



Howdy! I know, I know, I don't do pre-orders often but with the GOLPE US TOUR quickly approaching we wanted to get this rolling not only to further spread the word on those dates but also bestow some goddamn tunes on you all. And with the MONEY 12" being ready around the same time I decided to include it in this batch. Please note, these should be shipping around the end of the month, thanks in advance for your patience and understanding! And in case any of my wholsale folks are reading this, I will be emailing you all with your info once the records land. Now that we have that outta the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty...


It's with a great sense of pride that we announce the arrival of new material from Italy's GOLPE. Serving as the highly anticipated follow up to 2021's La Colpa È Solo Tua on the Sorry State label, Tadzio Pederzolli (the mastermind behind this one man band) has once again gifted us with an ace hardcore punk recording, upping the fervor and delivery in a way that most couldn't imagine after the already furious debut LP which he also recorded on his own during the pandemic. The Assuefazione Quotidiana 7" EP features five absolute pounders of tracks, giving us more of the D-Beat based hardcore punk listeners came to love from the initial release with nods to Italian classics as the foundation of it all, topped off with politically and socially charged lyrics challenging modern norms and injustices. Truly a breath of fresh air sonically and philosophically. Each record comes with a stunning fold out poster, two inserts with the lyrics in Italian and one with an English translation, all topped off with a striking and straight-forward layout featuring the art and design from Tadzio's mind, executed with the help of co-conspirators.

There are 100 copies on RED VINYL for preorder while they last! 

EUROPE - please obtain this ass kicker of a 7" from the mad lad Ellis over at Static Shock Records.

MONEY - S/T 12"

MONEY? MONEY. MONEY are the Texas blackened metal punks who dropped that FINAL BAG Demo and 3 A.M. ETERNAL EP on us in recent years. It can be hard to keep up with the deluge of mostly bullshit that comes up on a daily basis but MONEY stands alone. Their "members of" list is impressive but it’s unnecessary in light of the blistering 1-2 of licks and rapid fire drums. And while the aforementioned releases came into being via cassettes on the great Roach Leg Records and from the band themselves respectively, B.I.R. is proud to have these 7 corrosive tracks on vinyl for the first time.

Amphetamine fueled riffs for moral decline. MONEY. FFO: Darkthrone, Anti-Cimex, Sepultura, G-Zet. Remastered by Arthur Rizk, this collection of the initial efforts by MONEY is both for the well acquainted and those who might have missed the tapes when they dropped. Limited to 666 copies, half on COKE bottle clear and the other half on powder white vinyl. Each record comes in a jacket featuring art by Curse of Face and logo by Joe Chatt. Yee.

Scum stats listed above in the description.

And remember my mention of GOLPE's tour above? Here's the flyer! They'll be all around the east coast and midwest with the great ELECTRIC CHAIR. Not to be missed! The band will have plenty copies of the 7" to go around direct from them so if easier, please cop from the lovely Italians at one of their gigs!


I think that does it for now! As always, tons in the works but you'll see it when ya see it. Be well!


Tuesday, September 12, 2023

9/12/23 - 偏執症者 (Paranoid) - S.C.U.M. 12" EP OUT NOW!

Hey gang, me again! The slabs keep coming and I keep letting em loose, feel me? This time around the long-awaited US press of a Swedish mangel crusher. Read on if you dare!!!!

Here we have it, another chapter in the story of one of Sweden's greatest practitioners of modern raw hardcore punk -  偏執症者 (Paranoid)! The latest of the Northern Wind of Brutal Hell Mangel, this session was released earlier this year on the 7" format by Sweden's Not Enough Records but we are excited to give you all the 12" version of the absolutely obliterating S.C.U.M. EP! Recorded at the now legendary Studio Mangel in Frösön, Sweden with the mix and mastering being handled at LM Studio in Osaka, Japan by Ippei Suda and featuring additional vocals by Jacky and noise design by Statuszero recorded in Japan, this one sided slab packs 6 ear ringing blasts on the A-Side and features an absolutely stunning etched B-Side by Oik Wasfuk. Each record comes in a full color jacket adorned with a ghastly collage along with an obi strip, an insert and a stark poster measuring 18" x 24".

And for you, the mailorder fanatics, there is an exclusive deluxe version of this record. It comes on pink and black splattered vinyl, wrapped in a three color screen printed sleeve - a striking addition to an already all around stunning record. Limited to 100 copies for those that are into such things.

Also, if you happen to consider such a version too fancy, fret not - our friends at Sorry State will have an exclusive pink vinyl version that is also limited to 100 copies. Please note that it more than likely won't be up bright and early when I send this email, they might not be up til they open their store later in the day. Please don't punish those nice folks and just check back later.

Europe - as mentioned in the description, the great Not Enough Records in Sweden released these songs on 7" back in July. In the event shipping is a bit too daunting, my feelings won't be hurt if you just wanna cop that. Also, the band will have copies very soon, so stay tuned if that's a cheaper option.

All that said, you can order here and order / stream / download here.

On the distro front, I recently got copies of the two KINETIC ORBITAL STRIKE 7"s that seem to have sold out quickly from other outlets. Don't snooze, get em! Also got a couple more DELETAR 12"s floating around as well.

That'll do for now. You'll be hearing from me again in the coming weeks with some Italian hardcore punk and real deal Texas shit in tow. Til then, be well!


Friday, August 11, 2023

8/11/23 - Мир - MINDECISION 12" + GRAVEN IMAGE 12" repress out now!

WHAT IS UP? Very excited to let y'all know that I got a new one and a repress ready to roll - both of which are decades old hardcore punk from the Old Dominion state. Isn't that something else? Welp, let's go for it:


By now, it's not surprising that the dissemination of the hardcore punk movement in it's infancy seeped into the pores of nearly the entire planet. Of course, all the major cities worldwide developed burgeoning hardcore scenes that yielded the classics we know and love but there's something to be said about the less known spots on the map and their select inhabitants that were swept up in the fervor of it all, like some of those in the sleepy valley town of Roanoke tucked away in the tranquil Blue Ridge mountain region of Southwest Virginia. It was in that city, circa 1984, that four teenagers came together to form Мир or, for the non-Cyrillicaly inclined, simply MNP. The band name, pronounced "Mihr" per the  and which translates from Russian to peace, was also the group's mission statement and driving force in their brief existence. Having played a slew of gigs locally and elsewhere alongside contemporaries like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SCREAM, BATTALION OF SAINTS and DEATH PIGGY among others, they left as quickly as they came, disbanding in the summer of 1985 before most of the members left for college. Thankfully, the band entered the studio earlier that year before calling it a day. The tracks that made up the criminally underrated and sparsely circulated "MINDECISION" cassette are a crucial entry into the annals of early Virginia hardcore punk history, featuring twelve cuts of scorching USHC executed by small town high school kids. Remastered from the original reels by Chris Corry, each record comes in a jacket adorned with the original cover art by drummer Lawson Jaeger, featuring a 12" x 24" insert chock full of live photos, flyers and other ephemera plus liner notes by guitarist Spencer Edmunds. 

There are 100 copies on WHITE VINYL for mailorder only while they last!

Also, the GRAVEN IMAGE - STUDIO SESSIONS: '82-'83 12" has been freshly repressed on coke bottle clear vinyl and is limited to 175 copies. If ya missed out the first time around, get one of these while ya can!

As always, you can snag here and stream / download / snag here.

In distro news, the crown jewel of this update has to be the AMAZING new LP by France's DELETAR on the great Kick Rock Records. It's selling out from stateside distros left and right, get ya one if ya haven't already.

In addition to that, there's a very diverse smattering of fan club slabs in the store, only one of which is remotely punk related. Take a look... OHHHH YEAYYYUH!

Anyhow, keeping this one short and sweet. MUCH MORE TO COME BEFORE THE YEAR IS OUT like new slabs from PARANOID, PUBLIC ACID, HACKER and some others I can't announce yet. Expect pre-order info for a couple very soon... 


Friday, July 7, 2023

7/7/23 - INTENTION - BRAND NEW STORY 12" + WARTHOG 7" repress out now!!


To quote an anthem of a generation, "it's been a whiiiiiile" and another one that's like "hey hey I-I woah woah I'm still aliiiiive" etc etc but I am EXCITED to let you all know that not only do I have a long awaited repress ready to roll but there's also a Japanese hardcore scorcher in tow as well. Read on for more information...


Previously released on CD earlier this year by the great Break the Records, Beach Impediment is proud to be handling the vinyl pressing of the debut release from Japanese hardcore punk powerhouse INTENTION! Hailing from the Nagoya and Mie regions of Japan and featuring members of CONFRONT and HUMAN DESPAIR among others, the "BRAND NEW STORY" 12" showcases 7 blasts of full-force Burning Spirits descended hardcore with blazing guitars, a commanding rhythm section, and frenzied vocals. Each record comes in a thick gatefold jacket adorned with stunning full color art by the iconic Japanese hardcore artist Sugi.

There are 100 copies on BRIGHT ORANGE VINYL for mailorder while they last!

EUROPE - Befa at Kick Rock Records has an exclusive version of the record on PURPLE VINYL limited to 100 copies, please order from him! Please be patient if they're not up yet. Speaking of Kick Rock, I hope to have copies of the new DELETAR 12" very soon!!!

JAPAN - as mentioned above, this is available on CD from BREAK THE RECORDS!

And the long awaited repress of the WARTHOG - S/T EP has finally landed! This 6th press on VIOLET VINYL is limited to 500 copies. UK / EU - as always, Static Shock has you covered for this slab out that way.

As always, you may obtain copies here or here.

Not too much else on the agenda today - as mentioned above I am hoping to get copies of the DELETAR 12" very soon along with some other goodies. Feel free to check back in later!

PARANOID - S.C.U.M. 12" (Euro 7" version is out as of yesterday on Not Enough Records in Sweden if ya don't wanna wait a couple months)

And later on, new recordings from PUBLIC ACID, MONEY, HACKER + others I can't quite disclose yet; annnnd some other fun archival releases as well, mainly that one I've been talking about for years now :)

Okay - take care!

Friday, January 20, 2023



Howdy folks! Very excited to announce this one that's been in the works for some time now - the initial release from HEAVEN'S GATE! Read on for more information and please note that this is a pre-order that'll be shipping on or around 2/24/23. GET SOME:

Emerging from the swamps of “the other Bay Area”, Tampa, Florida’s Heaven's Gate debut with their first release, a self titled 12" released via Beach Impediment Records. Heaven’s Gate consists of  Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste) on vocals, Mike Goo (Warthog) on guitar, Jeff Howe (Reversal of Man) on bass, and Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) on drums. Consisting of five tracks that merge an amalgam of hardcore, punk and extreme metal's most aggressive elements, this initial offering from HEAVEN'S GATE showcases a range of colliding styles that are to be expected from these veterans of varied approaches to heavy music. Recorded across 2022 by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg, mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Joel Grind, this one sided 12" with a marvelously etched b-side adorned with the band's logo is set to drop Friday February 24th, 2023. Each record comes in a full color jacket featuring the intricate artwork of Alexander Heir (Death/Traitors, L.O.T.I.O.N.) and is available on limited translucent purple vinyl (out of 200 copies) and yellow vinyl (out of 300 copies) along with the standard black vinyl variant. Also available on CD in Japan from Break the Records!

As always, you can buy here and stream / download / buy here

Be sure to follow the band on Instagram and Bandcamp to keep an eye out for upcoming shows! Fingers crossed, we will have some advance copies of this slab ready for at least one of their gigs in the coming weeks.

MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE TO COME THIS YEAR! I'll let y'all know more on that once these ship next month. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves! Talk soon!