Friday, January 20, 2012



A few quick things:

There will be a 2nd (and final) press of the FRONT LINE - BASIC TRAINING EP. It will be limited to 300 copies and I will hopefully have them in my hands sometime in February. The plant is rather backed up at the moment, so we shall see what happens with that. At any rate, if your store / distro missed out the first time and would like to grab copies of the 2nd press, please drop me a line at beachimpediment[at]gmail[dot]com and I will add you to the contact list I have going. I will be sure to post here once these are in and ready to roll.

And of course, there should still be copies of the first press available at your favorite HCPM distros. For a list of those, please see below. They're all stellar, but one distro in particular faced some recent hardships / bullshit when a large amount of their distro stock was stolen. Therefore, I encourage you to order copies of the FRONT LINE EP (along with a plethora of other quality releases) from FERAL WARD until they're gone. It ain't much, but every little bit counts and I'm sure YAH-NEE-KWA will appreciate it.

In other news, the IMPALERS - DEMO 7" is in its beginning stages. Brandon and Lauren told me they were putting out this beast a while back and I offered my assistance due to my love for this recording. I remember when Chris Ulsh sent me this recording session sometime in 2010 before the tape officially came out and how much it floored me. I strongly recommend picking up the S/T 7" from Todo Destruido if you have not already because it is also a bloody lil ripper. This will be a split release with NO WAY RECORDS, more information as it becomes available.