Thursday, February 9, 2012


The critics have spoken / are beginning to speak about the release of 30 years late BASIC TRAINING E.P. Here is what MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL had to say about it:

No Way Records / Vinyl Conflict head honchos Brandon and Lauren Ferrell shared their thoughts on the E.P. in their webstore:

"Incredible 1982 virginia beach hardcore punk at its finest. You may remember them from MASTER TAPE vol. 2 2xlp w/zero boys, mecht mensch, no labels and more. This ep was supposed to come out in the early 80s but just never did I guess. Its insanely good and holds its ground against bands like MECHT MENSCH, TARGET OF DEMAND, Early COC and NO LABELS. Perfect execution, recording (which was saved from nearly 30 year old tapes) and style in everyway possible. The layout is outstanding, glue pocket sleeve, vinyl sticker,download code 7x14" insert with flyers/lyrics. 10 songs in around 10 minutes. Best record to come out all year!!! "

Yellow Green Red had a few words as well:

"As yesterday’s hardcore kids become the uncomfortable uncles of today, there seems to be a constant flow of unearthed and reissued hardcore recordings circa ’81 – ’86 from every small town across the globe. I’d say that very few of them suck, but for many, the lack of a proper release back in the day is justified. Not so for Front Line though, a Virginia-based group who gigged around their area for nearly a year before calling it quits (and for most of the members, moving on to other hardcore bands). Ten songs here, as was the 1982 standard, and they fly by much in the manner of Necros and White Cross. This is definitely above your Violent Apathy-grade hardcore, raging like teenagers in their parents’ shed (or crafting basement, from the looks of one picture in the insert). Really enjoyed the anti-Pennsylvanian song too, if only because I think this is the first time my resident state felt the distinct wrath of a hardcore song railing against it. I’m amazed that Front Line were able to predict the existence of Espers decades in advance: “They like to chew tobacco / they like to grow long beards / they have a goofy accent / that makes them talk so weird.”"

Record description writer extraordinaire, Daniel Lupton, over at Sorry State Records said:

"Here's the debut 7" on Beach Impediment Records, a new label run by Mark from Wasted Time. Their inaugural release is a reissue of the Basic Training demo by Norfolk, VA's Front Line. A few of these tracks would appear on The Master Tape Vol 2 compilation, but the band would disintegrate and morph into the highly underrated God's Will before they ever got around to releasing any vinyl. Even though God's Will are a little bit better-known (probably just because they managed to eke out a 7"), I always preferred this Front Line stuff, as it's a little bit catchier. The basis is still straightforward as fuck USHC, but there's a slight Circle Jerks-y catchiness that makes the whole thing a little more memorable. All in all, this is a top-shelf 80s HC reissue... if you like it fast, loud, and raw like only the old bands did it, this is going to be an essential purchase for you. Great-looking packaging on this one, too, with a really classic-looking layout, a big insert with old flyers, photos, and full lyrics, a Front Line sticker and a digital download."

and some more...

"These ten songs were recorded in 1982, and were intended to be this Norfolk, VA band’s debut 7”, but it never happened, and apart from tracks on a couple of compilations and gigs with bands like Youth Brigade, MDC, Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys, the name Front Line faded from memory. Thankfully, 30 years later, these songs finally get released in the way they were intended. Front Line were very much of their time, but that means these songs are full of youthful enthusiasm and speedy tunes, and remind me of those early DC bands that became so popular. This stuff still makes my blood pump a little bit faster and has me longing for the next band practise."

-Suspect Device Zine (UK)

FRONT LINE-Basic Training EP (Beach Impediment, 7")'82 style hardcore--which makes complete sense since this actually was recorded in 1982. Front Line were a Norfolk, VA band who appeared on Master Tape Vol. 2 and a tape comp but this is otherwise unreleased, originally intended to be a 7" but the band broke up and it was shelved. Trigger-finger, raw hardcore punk done with unfettered anger. The flyers on the insert show that they played a number of shows with White Cross and they come from that sort of muse. They're mean-sounding but there's still some wise-assery with a song like "Quaker Meeting" and the piss-take cover of "Blue Velvet." This is a ripper.

-Al Quint / Suburban Voice Zine

Killer exhumation of knackers-out thrash circa '82 from the newly-founded Beach Impediment label. If you know this band at all it'll be from the 'Master Tape Vol. 2' and/or brilliantly-named 'Tarantula On My Cock' comps but if you don't, you’re forgiven, and all you need to know is that this isn't some piece-of-shit, diminishing-returns nostalgia kick released to document yet another piece of random hc miscellany but instead delivers the goods in spades. Things have that great, snarling, out-of-control vibe that only frustrated, misunderstood teenagers seem capable of while the guitar sound rattles round your head like the shaky hand of a strung-out burglar looking for something sharp in the cutlery draw. There are even a couple of slower moments for nerds like me who prefer the occasional trudge to pure, relentless speed and a moment that, somewhat bizarrely, sounds like it's been lifted from J.J. Cale's 'Cocaine'. What’s not to like?

-Collective Zine UK

"30 years after it was recorded, Front Line's 'Basic Training' EP finally gets issued in its full glory after making the tape trading rounds as a demo for decades. Ten tracks of hardcore-punk from Norfolk, VA, some of which appeared on the second 'Master Tape' comp. Absolutely righteous rippers that come off the vinyl sounding blazingly hot (salvaged and mastered from the OG tape apparently), razor-edged cuts of sharp and to the point Eighties core that surprisingly stand up well next to heavy hitters of the period like White Cross, Mecht Mensch, Tar Babies and others - not as gut-wrenchingly twisted as some of their Midwest contemporaries, but flying fists first ragers that are tightly wound and have some adept speed shifts for showing off various pit moves. Songs are about the beach, drinking, drugs, fighting and Quakers(!?), and all resonate with the looking-for-a-thrill young punk still deep inside us all with a welcome sense of humor. Sometimes the guy's delivery sounds like early days Mike Muir. Definitley a plus. I'll be filing this with my Prevaricators records as Virginia favorites. Packaging is excellent - pocket sleeves, fold-out full size insert with lyrics and flyer repros. Scum stats: already sold out first press was 500, with 100 on purple for mailorder (with a bonus interview insert as well), second press is just as good and still available for mandatory purchasing."

-Terminal Boredom

The aforementioned Willi Peele wrote an article about the release for the local Hardcore Norfolk, it's a long one that includes some rare pictures of the band as well mixed with her personal experience having known the band and can be found here.


Still no word on when the repress will arrive, but fear not! Many of the distros listed below still have copies of the first press, so have at it!

Talk soon.