Tuesday, September 8, 2015


SUP? B.I.R. and the fools that make it happen (a grown man and an adolescent feline) are in the midst of moving. The webstore has been closed but fret not, you can get all three of those new releases (along with any older titles that are still in print) from a slew of hot stores and distros all over Planet Earth - many of which are posted under the tab above this labeled "Distribution" so check around or you can even learn to use Google, perhaps? And don't worry about colored vinyl, that shit is long gone anyways so please don't email me about it.

All orders from this last round of releases have been shipped as of last week. I will try my best to respond to emails during this downtime but, eh, on top of moving and all that jazz I'm kind of enjoying the break from this as well. Don't be sad, it's not you, it's me...

Anyways, expect the return of B.I.R. via an update in early October during which the ABSOLUT / PARANOID split 12" will finally be unleashed! Sound good?

Another dumb summer is over / stay freaky,