Monday, July 9, 2012


I am very excited to announce that Beach Impediment will be doing the US press of the Desperat - Demokrati Eller Diktatur? EP. Originally released on Sweden's De:Nihil Records in 2011, the EP sold out within a couple weeks and has been unavailable ever since. These guys have been in some other killer bands over the years, so its no surprise that DESPERAT produces GRADE A HARDCORE. I went ahead and uploaded a song from the record to the BIR Soundcloud, which can be found by clicking the button labeled "TUNES" above. For more information on DESPERAT, check out their blog and be sure to check out their Soundcloud for a sampling of their stellar discography thus far. Everything has been sent off to the plant and printer so we are hoping to have this release out by the end of summer. Keep checking back for more information as it develops. While you're waiting, watch this drum tutorial:

In other news, I never meant to do much of a distro / mailorder thing, but it has slowly been occuring much to my living room's dismay. Below is a list of some stuff that has come in recently along with some titles that will be in soon enough. Take a gander:


HOAX - S/T (3rd) EP
Stay tuned to the webstore for more additions as they come in.

That does it for now. There are a couple other tentative releases on the back burner for various reasons, perhaps I will be able to announce those before the summer is over in the event everything comes together.


Monday, July 2, 2012


Reviews of the IMPALERS - DEMO 7" have surfaced, BEHOLD:

"Normally I'm not a fan of pressing demos to vinyl, but this is certainly an exception. These chaps are from Austin and play some ripping metal-tinged D-beat. The vocals have a cool, tunnel-y echo effect and the riffs are bona fide (although a couple of the solos are a bit over indulgent). You need solid guitar work in bands like this; otherwise the songs can be super-generic and instantly forgettable. Luckily, these guys can really shred. I'm stoked to see this band at Chaos in Tejas and am expecting that their live show will meet, if not exceed, the ardent nature of this record. Highly recommended for everyone, not just genre fans." - MRR

“The Impalers from Austin Tx deliver hardcore songs with metallic undertones but the Impalers are in no way a Metallic Hardcore band. The vocals on this 2010 demo tape that has finally been pressed to final by the good people at No Way Records and Beach Impediment Records  are delivered in a brutal growl, however the music itself contains a nice big heaping of Motorhead, which could never be a bad thing in my opinion.  In fact there is just enough melody hiding in the background of these tracks to create the perfect juxtaposition of beauty and brutality....Definitely a record worthy of your hard earned cash...” – United by Rocket Science Blog

“In case you weren't paying attention, this is a vinyl pressing of this raging Texas band's 2010 demo. Explosive Discharge/Swedish-inspired, rockin' rollin' mayhem with echo on the vocals and a speedy attack, except for the pounding  mid-tempo "Return To Eden" that will have you furiously banging your head. OK, "Turn Me Loose" couldn't sound any more like Discharge if they tried but the problem is? The rest of the songs aren't as blatant about it but you know where they're coming from. And they're coming to tear you a new one.” – Suburban Voice

“Five nice cuts of denim n’ leather hardcore from Austin’s Impalers, originally released via demo cassette back in 2010. Right off the bat, Impalers remind me a lot of Destino Final, which is a positive attribute for any band: Impalers play heavy, steamroller hardcore with simple-yet-powerful drumming and vocals that echo like they were sung into a cave of vampire bats. They dip a bit deeper into the Motorhead / Celtic Frost aisle though, riding metal riffs on d-beat hogs and tearing up the asphalt. At least one of these guys has to be a bartender, another screens t-shirts for a living, and the rest are either unemployed or working part-time at a record store – you can’t sound this grizzled and hold down an office job. (I am probably incorrect, as there are only two guys listed as band members, although there’s a confusing live photo of a full band playing at what is obviously Beerland in Austin, but credited as 924 Gilman in 1986 on the back cover… I’m stumped.) I’m generally not a fan of the “demo reissued on vinyl” maneuver, but the existence of this Impalers 7″ is entirely justified. – Yellow Green Red

"Walked in on these guys at Chaos in Tejas a few years ago and was floored Рmaniacally heavy thrash with rock riffs, kind of in the same ballpark as early Venom or those Hellhammer demos, but worked out to a slightly more accessible but no less intense plateau. Maybe Moțrhead with some of the directness swapped out for more confusion and flying bodies. Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge members collude to bring forth this formidable puck, originally released in 2010 as a cassette. Five tracks that step down on your throat, hard." - Still Single/Dusted Magazine

"Five tracks of blistering d-beat metally hardcore in about 10 minutes on this 7inch from Austin. These guys are ex-Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge. The tracks were recorded in 2010 and it has been given a more recent vinyl release. Blistering pace for the most part, crunching guitars, hoarse, powerful vocals and rapid-firing guitar solos – the production is kind of murky. I won't pretend to be an expert on this type of music and it's too heavy for a massive wimp like myself. However, it sounds to me like these guys know that they are doing . I can hear a bit of Motorhead in “Wheel of Pain” and Discharge are an obvious influence across the record. Probably quite good if you like this type of thing."  - Collective Zine UK

"No Way Records and Beach Impediment Records just collaborated on putting out the 2010 demo from The Impalers, which is an excellent Austin metal punk band formed by two members of Hatred Surge.  Well, it gets more convoluted than that, the drummer Mike Sharp is part of Hatred Surge and Sungod and is an ex-Trap Them, while vocalist guitarist Chris Ulsch is also part of Hatred Surge and the mighty Mammoth Grinder, the latter a band that I tried to interview about two and half years ago and they said yes, then never to get back to me again. This seven inch includes five songs of hyperactive rambunctious punk metal; that is, superhuman vocals and a strong instrumental backbone that is nevertheless in your face but also quite controlled. Beyond all the punk metallism, what we have here is ferocious d-beat with some quirky parts, like the fucking weirdo noise before the solo on “Out for Power”. Good stuff. (4 out of 5 Sparrows)" - Deaf Sparrow

"Austin's Impalers 2010 demo pressed to wax, which preceded the Todo Destruido 7" in real time, but was pressed to wax after, if I have my timeline straight. Anyway, I was a fan of the TD 7", a total fucking ripper for sure, so I was stoked to hear this one after the fact. Plus, the I really dig the awful cover art. I'm no d-beat maniac, but there's a always a band or two in action in the genre worth listening to and Impalers are one of them currently. Pretty much taking the best of Discharge and Motorhead and throwing some more metallic vox over top (and over-the-top), this is full-on motorcharged (see what I did there?) blaze from members of Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder (love the former, not super keen on the latter). There will always be something energizing about some dude bellowing out an "OOOOOH!" right before the riff hammers down. "Return to Eden" is the most crushing cut here, and the lack of overpowering reverb makes the attack seem more devastating. It's fun writing reviews of this stuff, adjectives just come out of the woodwork. I think this pup is already out of print, but I'd snag this or the other if you see 'em and aren't afraid of the genre." - Terminal Boredom

Pardon the weird colors, I'm not very good at the internet. We are down to the last copies of this butt kicker and when they're gone, they're gone for good as this was a one time pressing.  Many thanks to all who picked it up! Feel free to visit the webstore for a copy (along with a ton of distro stuff) or if your store/distro would like multiple copies, drop me a line!

I got a few new releases in the works, one of which I will be announcing very soon! Stay tuned...