Tuesday, March 26, 2013



First off, come April the lads in KREMLIN will be doing another short excursion through out the select portions of the East Coast, Midwest, and Texas. Copies of the KREMLIN - DRUNK IN THE GULAG 12" will be available for purchase. More info below:

April 20th - New York City - The Acheron w/ Culo, Creem, Missionary
April 21st - Baltimore - K Bar w/ Chaos Destroy, Merciless Game
April 22nd - Raleigh - The Maywood w/ Future Binds, Macht Nichts
April 23rd - Atlanta - 529 w/ Mercenary, Uniform, Gun Outfit?
April 24th - New Orleans - Red House w/ Mea Culpa
April 25th - Houston - East Side Social Center
April 26th - Austin - Holy Moutain w/ Wiccans, Criaturas, Recide, Breakout
April 27th - Denton - Bruisers Dojo w/ Wiccans, more
April 28th - Kansas City - Bad Haus w/ Lumpy and the Dumpers, Dirty Work, No Class, Laugh Boy
April 29th - St Louis - "Bonerville" w/ Bathhouse Boys, Pink Sock
April 30th - Detroit - Jumbo's Bar w/ Roach Clip, SCUM

I will be updating the info above as it is brought to my attention. Be sure to go see them and pick up a copy of the new record! For those that cannot see them, fear not, the record should be out within the next week and a half and information on ordering that will be posted here when the time is right. As noted early on, this will be a split release with our friends at BAD VIBRATIONS RECORDS up in Canada so stay tuned to their blog as well!

The regular version of the HASSLER - AMORALITY EP is SOLD OUT and there are only a few copies left on green vinyl for those interested. Thanks a ton to those who ordered a copy! A small repress will be coming shortly. A couple weekends ago the band played a record release gig in Toronto and someone took it upon themselves to make a music video of sorts involving the song "RETALIATION," see for yourself below:

Also, HASSLER was interviewed for the April, 2013 issue of MAXIMUMROCKNROLL along with an amazing interview with SICKOIDS in which K.O.P. talks about shitting in the parking lot of the old 7-11 we used to frequent in the Devil's Triangle region of Richmond, VA. Pick up a copy so you can get the full scoop / lose some brain cells.

And lastly, HASSLER just made a blog, bookmark that shit so you can keep up with all their shenanigans, ya dig?

Expect more soon, ok?