Tuesday, October 30, 2012



I survived Hurricane Sandy and am absolutely tickled to tell you about what BIR has planned for the beginning of 2013. They will be new releases from two bands; both of which hail from Toronto, Ontario and both of which put out some of my favorite recordings of 2012. Here we go:


First up will be the new 5 song EP by HASSLER entitled "AMORALITY." Featuring former members of bands like BRUTAL KNIGHTS, REPROBATES, BAD SKIN, and TOXIC HOLOCAUST to name a few, HASSLER follows up their debut EP on Schizophrenic with another slab of punishing meat and potatoes hardcore. If you're not familiar with this band, go ahead and give them a listen at their Bandcamp page and get caught up with some quality hardcore music. I also have a few more copies of their S/T EP for sale in the webstore.

BIR-005 - KREMLIN 12"

After that, I will be working with the mighty KREMLIN to co-release their 12" with Toronto's Bad Vibrations Records. They won me over with their "WILL YOU FEED ME?" EP that Hardware Records released earlier this year and I am stoked to help get this 10 song shit kicker out to the masses. Haven't heard Kremlin? Get acquainted with them HERE or HERE.

Also, for those that are into catching fests, HASSLER will be playing A Varning in Montreal VI in Montreal this weekend and both HASSLER and KREMLIN will be gigging Not Dead Yet Fest in Toronto the following weekend.

In other news, the IMPALERS - DEMO 7" is all gone from me. This was a one time pressing so they are gone for good. However, Ulsh and the gang still have a few copies kicking around along with some hot Impalers threads available at their webstore, so get you some, OK? Also, IMPALERS will be gigging the already amazing looking CHAOS IN TEJAS 2013! They are rumored to be playing the jet ski show with Danimal spoken word?? In Joel we trust.

The US pressing of the DESPERAT - DEMOKRATI ELLER DIKTATUR? EP is down to the last couple dozen copies as well. The regular version is all gone but I still got some of the limited version left to go around. Thanks to all who bought a copy thus far! Perhaps we can convince our Swedish friends to come over here one day ;-)

There are some other releases in the works as well. More information as that develops.

The distro is getting stocked with new and exciting things on a weekly basis. In addition to new titles from bands like ZATSUON, MELUSAASTE, WARHEAD, RATFACE, and HASSLER, we are expecting records from hot groups like BOSTON STRANGLER, ELECTRIC FUNERAL, RAW MEAT, GOD'S WILL, DESPERAT, URBAN WASTE and more in the near future. Keep an eye out...

I think that does it for now.