Thursday, June 20, 2013


GAS RAG - Photo by UNKNOWN / peep them hairy arms


So the first press of the GAS RAG - HUMAN RIGHTS EP came and went within the span of a week or so, thanks a shit ton for all the orders. Rest assured, all the hot distros have this one stocked up for the time being. For a list of those, please check the previous post. I've been trying to keep it as updated as possible, especially making note of the foreign distros that have obtained copies for all you folks out there that hate dealing with the dreaded USPS and their international rates.

An order has been sent in for the 2nd press, so stay tuned... And if you operate a store or distro that needs copies, the usual suspects have a bunch available: EBULLITION, REVHQ, and COBRASIDE. Thanks again! GAS RAG will be hitting the road later this summer, I will be posting the dates here once they are more solidified, but in the meantime you can get a peek at them here.

Speaking of good bands on tour, I have yet to officially announce this one so here it is- up next will be a split 7" between THE IMPALERS and VAASKA for their upcoming east coast / midwest tour in August. I am beyond stoked to be a part of this one. While I'm not usually huge on splits, both bands churned out absolute rippers for this... it will be a must have for fans of these freaks. Anyways, I'm hoping to have the actual pressing of this out in time for the tour! That failing, we will end up doing the old "100 or so test presses for tour then have the actual record out later" trick. Much like the GAS RAG tour dates, I'll be sure to post these once they are more solidified, but in the meantime you can see what's developing here. Also, both bands have awesome records coming out later in the year on TODO DESTRUIDO RECORDS, so stay tuned on that.

Other news of interest:
-A few hold ups with the MOD SUBS 12"... hopefully those will be ready later in the summer.
-MERCY KILLINGS 7" is still being mastered. Eric and Baybay are over in Europe with SICKOIDS for another week or so, go punish/bug them.
-V/A HARDCORE: GIMME SOME MORE is chugging along slow but steady. Gonna see what the response is before deciding on 7" or 12" format. In the meantime, here's a teaser: the song PEACEBREAKERS submitted for it RIPS! Feel free to submit songs to me, random groups.
-I just realized that in addition to the GAS RAG and THE IMPALERS/VAASKA tours mentioned above, that both HASSLER and DESPERAT have a shit ton of dates coming up as well. Expect a big "SUMMER TOURS" post in the near future!!!


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